Freeway ring around Budapest

Freeway ring around Budapest will not be toll-free from 1. january 2015.

So, in the future, all that traffic will directly pass through  the city or what??

Greens, motorists and engineers are demonstrating against.

Good job parliament. In a beautiful day, the people will hang you on the first cherry tree.

Don’t play with fire if you have not enough water near at hand, thanks….



Funniest story of the week.

Mr Viktor Orban said:

By US on entry ban  listed Charmain of Hungarian Tax Office (NAV) Ildiko Vida will be fired

if she don’t denounce Goodfriend.

And what she responded?

Yes. She denounced Goodfriend.

Oh, our precious law of violating of honor

( ) ….my  favorite 😀

The first sign of opposition in the Fidesz parliamentary caucus: No compulsory urine tests


Hungarian Spectrum

The furor over John McCain’s harsh words about Hungary’s “neo-fascist dictator” and his “illiberal state” hadn’t subsided when a new Hungarian bombshell exploded: Máté Kocsis, a two-bit district mayor in Budapest, had a great idea which he immediately made public on his Facebook page last Friday. Given the widespread use of drugs, it would be a good idea, he claimed, to introduce compulsory yearly drug tests for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 as well as for elected politicians and journalists. Why politicians and journalists? Politicians’ decisions have a lasting impact on the citizens while journalists have the power to influence public opinion. He promised that he would suggest to the Fidesz parliamentary delegation that they discuss the idea and prepare a legislative proposal to this end.

From what we have learned about this latest brainstorm of Kocsis, it looks as if the idea did not originate with the mayor of District…

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Drug test

Hungary’s governing Fidesz party wants drug testing children between ages 12 to 18 and  politicians,  proposed Mate Kocsis, mayor from VIII. district in Budapest.

(He ended the needle exchange program for drug users in the district).

Taking drugs in Hungary is illegal.

The minimum age of criminal responsibility is 12.

A kid trys a joint at the christmas party in the school and ends the year in the prison or what??

Traitors against convicted and so…

People demonstrating against the hungarian government are traitors says pro-governement representative Ibolya Fodor .

She knows it….she was convicted for embezzlement before beiing representative…